Fairfields Gardens

We have started allocating Allotment Gardens!

Planning permission has now been received for both Fairfields allotment sites and they are
both expected to be handed over from Milton Keynes Council in Spring 2021. We have
started allocating the allotment plots to people who are already successfully registered on the
interest list.

The first Fairfields allotment site will consist of 58 plots and is situated off Maximus Court
near the primary school. The second is 36 plots and is off Marius Grove to the north western
edge of the site. There will be water points, fencing, areas for composting and secure gates on
both sites.

We will be publishing the Rules and Regulations soon, please read these before you commit
to an allotment garden so you fully understand what is involved and the restrictions in place.

Photo by Markus Spiske
Tenancy Rates

Medium size Allotment Gardens (approx. 125 sq metres) are £55 a year.

Small Allotment Gardens (approx. 75 sq metres) are £40 a year.

If you are offered an allotment garden you will be need to pay the £50 Tenancy deposit inorder to secure your place. This is refundable if you change your mind or when you give upthe plot if it is in a condition to be reallocated directly onto another resident. If you do notpay the deposit by the deadline stipulated in your offer email, the offer will be retracted andwe will offer it to the next person on the waiting list.

Register your interest

To register an interest and join the waiting list and for more information please email the
clerk on clerk@fairfields-pc.gov.uk