Allocating Allotment Gardens

You have until 31 October 2019 to register an interest for an Allotment. If you have previously registered don’t worry you will already be on the interest list so please do not apply again as repeat entries will be deleted.

After 31 October 2019 we will start allocating the Allotment Gardens to people who are successfully registered on the interest list. These will be allocated based on preference of Allotment size but otherwise will be chosen at random.

If you are offered an Allotment Garden you will be need to pay the £50 Tenancy deposit in order to secure your place. If you are unable to pay the deposit within 14 days the offer will be retracted and we will offer it to the next person on the waiting list.

People who do not receive an offer of an Allotment Garden will automatically be placed on the waiting list in order of the date they registered an interest. Don’t worry places may come available with time and there is a second allotment site planned for Fairfields in the future.

We will be publishing the Rules and Regulations soon, please read these before you commit to an Allotment Garden so you fully understand what is involved and the restrictions in place.

To register an interest and for more info please visit

Any questions please contact

Good luck!

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