Fairfields Parish Survey


The Fairfields Parish survey is one way of shaping the community, providing feedback and helping the Parish Council understand your needs.


If you don't want to share some details, that is ok, but the details you do share helps us understand the real needs of the community.

Why are we asking these questions? Understanding things like your ethnic background, age, and number of people in your household helps to ensure the information we receive is a fair representation of our wonderful and diverse community.

About you

What is your ethnic background?


How old are you?


How many people, over 18, live in your home?

How many people, under 18, live in your home?

Which service on Fairfields is most important to you?

Provisions I'd like to see in Fairfields

Rate the facilities in the Fairfields community

Traffic VolumeTraffic Volume
Waste CollectionWaste Collection
Bus ServicesBus Services

What type of sports and activities would you like to see offered on the sports fields?

What community events throughout the year would you like to see in Fairfields? e.g. Christmas Fair, Carnival, soapbox derby e.t.c.

There will be a community building constructed on Fairfields. To help us design the building to accomodate as many needs as possible what activities / uses would you like to see it cater for? e.g. 

 yoga classes, party functions, theatre groups, bingo e.t.c

There are 2 units planned for the Fairfields local center - one will be a supermarket and the other might be either a cafe or hot food takeaway. What would your preference be for the second unit?

(Please note, this is to share residents' preference with the developer but the final decision lies with them based on the estate plan, space, and other factors.)

Would you be interested in helping the community with regular litter picks to help keep Fairfields looking great?

If yes, how often would you like to take part in community litter picking?

If you are interested in helping to keep Fairfields safe - would you consider joining the Fairfields Neighbourhood Watch?

Are you interested in the Parish Council?

Please make sure you have completed all required fields.